Shela, Lamu Island


Shela. Lamu Island is a beach holiday with a difference! It is rich in history and culture and blessed with exquisite natural beauty, the Lamu archipelago (home to Lamu Island) has welcomed travellers for over a thousand years. Lamu is a magical place of very long uninhabited white sandy beaches, rolling sand dunes with palms and acacia trees; turquoise seas and unspoilt marine life. The Swahili people who inhabit the islands are merchants, fishermen, dhow builders and sailors, many of whom still follow these age-old trades. There are also beautiful art galleries, design shops and an amazing restaurant! Lamu Old Town is the oldest continuously inhabited Swahili settlement on the East African coast and a UNESCO world heritage site, where donkeys remain the only mode of transport. Visitors can step back in time – warmly welcomed by smiling faces into a culture that flows in peaceful harmony with the ocean.


Forodhani House

Forodhani House, Shela Village, Lamu Island

Forodhani House is one of the most beautiful villas on Lamu. Masterfully combining modernity and architectural tradition. A large whitewashed building, with an unique location directly on the beach, making it the ideal place for family holidays for up to 13 people. Why do We Love Forodhani? We LOVE Forodhani House because it is beautiful […]

Shela Lodges